Some speeches don’t need extensive analysis, explanation, or commentary.  They are best just experienced.  The Most Reverend Michael Curry of North Carolina traveled to London to speak at the recent wedding of Prince Harry of England and Meghan Markle of America.  It was a sermon for the ages at a wedding for the storybooks.

OK, so I can’t resist pointing out one or two things.  Well, three points worth mentioning.

First, Curry has an extraordinary ability to vary his delivery, keeping us engaged throughout.  Pitch, volume, speed, pauses — Curry varies them all, playing his voice like the musical instrument that it is.  Record yourself and listen to the playback.  Are you varying your vocal music for full effect?

Second, Curry’s gestural language is rich, evocative, and illustrative.  His hands and facial gestures convey emotion, meaning, and urgency.  He is one of those rare speakers who fully embraces the second conversation — the conversation that body language at its best can convey to an audience.

Third, Curry’s overall story line describes a journey out into emotion and memory and then back home.  Calling on scripture, history, and personal experience, Curry delivers a sermon about the power of love that resonates widely.  If you’re not moved by his speech, then there’s probably not much that will move you.

Curry delivered the goods.  Harry and Meghan got a great send off.  And the rest of us got taken to public speaking school.




  1. Good morning Nick

    The Reverend Michael Curry was just amazing. I am sure the British Elite never heard anyone quite like that before. The best comment I heard and one I would share was, after listening to Reverend Curry I could “nearly” believe in God.

    And while the Reverend was amazing, I got to listen to Meghan Markle . Meghan is an excellent speaker and what an amazing story.

    Thank you as always Nick.

    Kindest regards

    1. Thanks, John. I appreciate the comment. I had a feeling, watching the tape, that the elite in the audience couldn’t quite believe their ears. Good fun! And thanks for the link to Ms Markle.

  2. I agree with all of the previous comments, but I thought the speech was too long. It was more appropriate for a worship service. Eight minutes would have been better.

    1. Tom, this was literally a worship service. It was a service of Christian worship taken from the Church of England’s “Common Worship” book in which two people were married.

  3. What a contrast – a broadcast commentary that was the electronic equivalent of waterboarding and the sudden, welcome relief of Reverend Curry’s sermon…..

  4. Thank you, Public Words! Presiding Bishop Curry’s title is also properly “The Most Reverend,” as he is the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church! He is the elected leader of the entire Episcopal Church, not just one diocese. Thanks— I am sure you want to get the communication about him corrected.

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