There's a new blogger on the scene, and he was kind enough to blog about my book Trust Me.  Vince Molinaro is rocking the leadership world with some very provocative ideas about how leadership involves both a community and a contract and how leaders need to join up and sign up before they are ready to lead.  Here's the link to the blog about my 4 steps to effective leadership communications, but don't stop there:

Vince's blog will make any leader stop and think about the predominant model of leadership that still exists today:  the Marlboro Man, the hero leader.  For example, here's a posting on whether or not you need to be a jerk to succeed as a leader that gets right to the heart of the issue:

Vince's blog posts are for grownup leaders only.  This isn't the usual success-oriented, positive- thinking-will-solve-all-your-problems pablum.  Vince confronts the hard stuff honestly and directly and shows us all how to be better leaders as a result.  Check it out, sign up for Vince's RSS feed, and start getting grownup advice from a true leader!

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