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These days, we’re awash in data and information and can’t remember it all. But we do remember stories. Effective storytelling is the key to making your ideas stick, your path to market unique, and your brand memorable. In this newsletter, we focus on a number of ways to make your storytelling better.

How to tell powerful stories

How to tell powerful stories in your speeches

Most people organize their talks into lists of information. (Five reasons to join our exciting investment program.) Unfortunately, the human mind is not constructed to remember lists very well. ‘In one ear and out the other’ pretty much describes how we respond to lists. Yet everyone who has heard, seen, or read it once remembers the story of Romeo and Juliet. This article provides advice on how to make your speeches more like Shakespeare and less like the phone book.

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How do you take an ordinary presentation and turn it into a powerful story?

How do you take an ordinary presentation and turn it into a powerful story?

There are some basic stories that have deep and profound resonance in Western culture and even around the world. In this article we explore the five basic stories we learn from our earliest experiences, and how to put them in your speeches for maximum effect.

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Podcast - The Secret of Good Storytelling

Podcast: The secret of good storytelling

In this podcast, Nick discusses how to use familiar stories to draw your audience into your world.

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Remove the mask

The most important rule in giving a speech: Tell an emotional truth

Many speakers struggle with content, what to include, what to leave out. But in worrying about the detail, they often neglect the most important material to bring into a speech: emotional truth.

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Basic Principles of Persuasive Rhetoric

Basic principles of persuasive rhetoric

What’s interesting to audiences is how your information can solve their problems. In this series of blog posts, Nick explains how to craft persuasive rhetoric will move your audience to action.

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