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Speaker coaching with Nick Morgan

There’s more to professional public speaking than just having something to say. You need to be able to deliver your story in a way that’s compelling. You also need to craft a brand, build an online community, and write a bestselling book. Nick Morgan provides individual speaker coaching that will take your public speaking to a world-class level. If you’re passionate about changing the world, we can help.

The five elements of the Public Words speaker coaching program

1. Your Idea

A good idea by itself is not enough for success today. Too much information competes for your audience’s overloaded attention. We’ll show you how to focus the idea to make it memorable. We’ll help you find the story in your experience — the story that audiences won’t be able to forget.

2. Your Speech

There are many ways to communicate today, but giving a speech is still the most immediate and compelling way to move people to action. If you’ve got a brilliant idea, but you’re not sure how best to communicate it, or you’re trying to communicate it, but the phone’s not ringing, we can show you how to craft a speech that will move audiences again and again. We pride ourselves on helping our clients get standing ovations.

3. Your Stage Presence

Once you have a powerful speech, you need to learn how to deliver it powerfully. A great message alone is not enough to make a great communicator. Non-verbal communication is just as important —particularly when you’re delivering a speech. When you get up on that stage, you’re competing for every audience member’s attention with the person sitting next to them, the breakfast buffet down the hall, and worst of all, the smartphone in their pocket. We’ll show you how to strengthen your presence to authentically connect with your audience.

4. Your Book

A well-written book is still the required entrance ticket to the professional public speaking business — yet the publishing process is mysterious and tricky to navigate. Writing a book is a lot of work; selling a book is even harder. We’ll show you how to craft a proposal, connect with an agent, and write and market your book. Read more about our book-writing services.

5. Your Community

In order to build a sustainable business as a speaker, you need an active community of fans and fellow enthusiasts. We’ll help you establish a personal brand and show you how to use digital marketing strategies to start building that community. Making a name for yourself this way will create ongoing, organic demand for you as a speaker.

Our speaker coaching program is completely personalized. Each engagement is unique and tailored to individual speaker requirements.