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Mastering executive communication

With the increased responsibility of an executive role comes the need to communicate effectively at all times. You need a great message and a personal, powerful delivery style. In his executive communication coaching sessions, Nick Morgan will work with you in confidence to develop your message and individual persona to become a masterful, charismatic communicator.

High-stakes speeches

You and your team need the message to be precise and compelling. You want to show up with presence and authority. When the stakes are high — a major announcement, good or bad financial news, a merger, an acquisition, an investment opportunity, taking the organization in a new direction — we work with high-level executives to help them create memorable speeches and deliver them with charisma and focus.

One-on-one communication coaching

In this 24/7 information overload era, your success is increasingly dependent on your executive communication skills. Our one-on-one executive communication coaching program is led personally by Dr. Nick Morgan. These programs are designed to hone skills over time. Nick will work with you in confidence on issues like public speaking, negotiation, interactions with colleagues, team dynamics, reading people, and persuasion as needed to develop your own particular persona and style.

Leadership communication training programs

Public Words runs customized workshops and training programs for emerging leadership groups and executive teams in your organization. We focus on organizational storytelling, message development, and motivation for both internal and external audiences. We’ll create a tailor-made program for your particular needs, whether it’s quality control programs, new marketing campaigns, or helping you re-think how you talk to your stakeholders.

We work with corporations, government agencies, and non-profits to develop their organizational stories and communication strategies. We offer training programs that will raise the effectiveness of all your presentations and personal interactions. We even have a cost-effective online course that raises the game for all your managers presenting internally and externally. Contact us to talk about improving your executive communication.