The Five Building Blocks of A Successful Speaking Career

This post is the second in an occasional series about professional speaking careers. I often get asked about how to become a successful (i.e. sustained) professional (i.e., paid) speaker. My response, from many years of working with people to establish, to ramp up, and to sustain professional speaking careers, is that there are five essential […]

The 5 Biggest Body Language Surprises of the CNBC Republican Debate

We’ve come to expect surprising things from the Republican debates in terms of body language, from Donald Trump’s dominance of the first one, way back in August, to Governor Kasich’s nervousness to Ben Carson’s quiet sarcasm about not getting many questions. Each of those lessons got turned on its head in the latest CNBC debate […]

Top Ten Body Language Insights From The Debates So Far

As a political junkie, I’ve been following the debates avidly, and commenting on them for CNN, Forbes, and Business Insider.  It has been a feast for body language fans, with over 10 hours of debate time and plenty of hits and misses. Following are my ten lessons for anyone trying to succeed in this high-stakes […]

The Pope and Donald Trump – a study in contrasting body language

Those interested in the study of body language had a fascinating opportunity this week to study two completely different approaches to power through non-verbal communication: the Pope and Donald Trump. The Pope, as all the world must know, was visiting the US for the first time, and Mr. Trump was all over the media, as […]

The Body Language Lessons from the CNN Republican Debate

What are the body language lessons from the CNN Republican debates? First of all, they went on too long. The human body has trouble sitting for so long. I even felt sorry for the candidates standing for three hours under the lights. I watched both debates in their entirety, which means I was glued to […]

The Little Trick That Will Make Your Audiences Trust You

I am happy to report good news for speakers. A recent study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin offers a relatively easy way to increase your connection with an audience along one significant dimension. To understand what’s going on, it’s useful to know something about an older body of research on what’s important to […]

Five Quick Body Language Lessons from the First Republican Debate

I was going to watch the first Republican debate anyway, but when CNN’s Gary Tuchman called and wanted me to watch it with him and comment – in order to provide a 3-minute segment on Anderson Cooper 360 Friday night – well, that sounded like more fun than chewing marbles and I couldn’t resist. The […]

How To Boost Your Memory – And Your Audience’s

First the bad news. Yoga does not significantly boost your memory. Very good for you in many ways – I practice it (a little, not enough) and recommend it to all and sundry – but not a memory booster. You’re waiting for some good news. It is this: you can boost memory significantly by engaging […]

A Simple Body Language Trick to Increase Your Audience’s Trust in You

I’ve written occasionally about the power of mirroring to create trust in human interaction. The reason is relatively straightforward – we are more inclined to trust people who look and feel similar to us, and that is precisely what you do when you mirror someone. Recent studies show that mirroring makes a sales pitch 20 […]