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Professional book writing, editing and publishing

We help clients navigate the tricky world of business book writing and publishing. A great book sets you apart as a thought leader. It’s still one of the most effective ways to tell your story, build credibility and reach a global audience.

A best-selling book goes hand-in-hand with a successful speaking career.
A book distinguishes smart organizations from their competitors.
A book shows passion, commitment, and expertise for a topic you come to own.

We turn your idea into a book outline

Non-fiction books can take many forms. We start by helping you to determine what kind of book it is that you are writing. Is it a ‘Why’ book or a ‘How’ book; is it biographical, instructional or intellectual? What’s the problem in the world for which your book is this solution?  We help you get to the heart of your big idea and develop a book outline that is novel, relevant and worthy of 70,000 words.

We then work with you to craft the book proposal

The book publishing process can be difficult and a well-written book proposal will help you avoid the slush pile. The proposal is your sales pitch for the book. It will contain information about the author, the book outline, sample chapters and a marketing plan. The goal is to convince an agent – and, in turn, a publisher – that the book is a potential best-seller.

We help with writing the book itself

With a book deal in hand, you might want to shut yourself away for a few months and write the book yourself. Or, you might want our experts to ghost write and edit the content for you. The best work is often produced through collaboration – when the author provides the expertise which we bring to life through compelling stories and expertly-crafted prose.

And don't forget selling the book when the time comes

One of the toughest lessons to learn about business book writing and publishing is that you have to work just as hard on sales and promotion.  When you hold that first published book in your hands, your journey has only begun.  We team up with you and your network to put the book in front of as many opinion shapers and market movers as we can in order to bring the book to the attention of the world.  There are nearly a million books published every year in the U.S. alone. Yours needs to stand out.


Business Book Writing Nick Morgan Vince Molinaro

Nick Morgan with Vince Molinaro, NY Times bestselling author of The Leadership Contract.