Be Ready to Give a Great Speech, Top 10 Travel Tips for Speakers

Successful speakers are travellers. And they’re a particular kind: they have to arrive ready to give a great speech. So how do you minimize the wear and tear of modern travel on the body and soul? Nicola Dunkinson, Travel Writer and Blogger, gives us her top 10 tips for travel. As BA Cabin Crew, Nicola […]

Finding Your Voice on Social Media – Passionate Expression or TMI?

Like public speaking, social media is instant. It happens live and in real-time. It’s ‘public’ and what you say is recorded and easily shareable. Your social media updates are also public remarks – just like your keynote address. So not only is it really important that you create a voice that conveys your brand message, […]

Social Media Rules for Leaders and Business Executives

By Emma Wyatt Its no secret that social media is a useful tool for leadership development. CEO’s and business leaders have celebrity status and often feature in the media. We want to know them, and feel like they are accessible. Social media provides an opportunity for leaders to create a personal brand and interact directly with […]