Give Your Speech Change The world by Nick MorganGive Your Speech, Change The World takes public speaking to a higher level with a new audience-centered approach that combines aspects of ancient Greek rhetorical practice with proven modern-day communication techniques.

It fills a gap in this market with a more sophisticated treatment of public speaking. Most books in this genre are gimmicky, ‘tips and tricks’ books. Nick offers both a more historical treatment of public speaking alongside practical guidelines. ‘Kinesthetic’ speaking involves actively ‘listening’ to your audience with your whole body, and is the element of public speaking that moves audiences to action.

This book teaches managers of all levels how to successfully use this type of public speaking to engage audiences of any size, intellectually, emotionally, as well as physically.

Working The Room by Nick Morgan

Working The Room: How to Move People to Action through Audience-Centered Speaking

Give Your Speech, Change The World was previously published in hardcover as Working The Room: How to Move People to Action Through Audience-Centered Speaking.

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Chris Brogan’s Book Review

Praise for Give Your Speech/Working The Room

Some of the advice will surprise you, but all of it will challenge even the most confident orators to rethink how they communicate and, ultimately, to do even better.
Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada

Words are the best tools we have for moving people to action. Spoken words can instill courage and ignite emotions; they can upend stale dogmas and illuminate new horizons—but only if you know how to truly connect with your audience.
Gary Hamel, author, Leading the Revolution

The clarity of Morgan’s audience-centered approach is enormously appealing in a field littered with gimmicks and psychobabble. Working The Room is worth more than a thousand copies of PowerPoint!
Thomas H. Davenport, coauthor, The Attention Economy

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