Your idea can change the world. How do you get a fair hearing? How do you take your speaking to a world-class level?

There’s more to public speaking than just having something to say. You need to be able to deliver your story in a way that’s compelling. You also need to craft a brand, build an online community, and write a bestselling book to establish your credentials in your area of expertise – and create buzz.


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Speaker Coaching and Development

You have passion for an idea, a cause, a way to change the world. And you have the courage to want to make that happen. We work alongside remarkable people like you to help you turn that idea into a story the world wants to hear, connect with audiences, and move people to action. An idea by itself is not enough for success today. Too much information competes for your audience’s overloaded attention. We work with you to shape and structure the idea to make it memorable and compelling. We help you find the story in your experience – the story that audiences won’t be able to forget.

There are many ways to communicate today, yet giving a speech is still the most immediate and compelling way to move people to action.

There are a number of reasons why you might call us about public speaking. Perhaps you’ve been invited to give a keynote speech and the stakes are high. Or you give a lot of speeches and want to improve. Or you have a brilliant idea but the phone’s not ringing. We take you through an intensive, well-honed process designed to create a powerful speech that you’ll love and feel confident delivering, every time.

A great message alone is not enough to make a great communicator. Just as important is executive presence and charisma. We let you in on the mysteries of non-verbal communications. As a result, you can strengthen your own presence and understand it better in others. We show you how to use these ‘dark arts’ authentically to connect with your audiences. And yes, you must use your new-found powers for good!

A well-written book is still the required entrance ticket to the professional public speaking business – yet the publishing process is mysterious and tricky to navigate. Writing a book is a lot of work; selling a book is even harder. We help you develop your ideas, craft the proposal and even write the book itself. We’ll get you in front of some of the industry’s best agents, who’ll in turn get you in front of some of the industry’s best publishers. By the time we’re through, you will not only have a great book, but will know what it takes to turn it into a bestseller.

When you reach out to a community, you need to do so with a very clear brand. Just because a person is charismatic and has a brilliant message, the world won’t necessarily pay attention. The people who stand out are those with well-crafted brands and active communities of fans and fellow enthusiasts. We help you with your ‘packaging’ – advising on everything from websites, blogs and show reels to marketing materials, articles and product design. We also help you get to grips with community building tools like Twitter and Facebook. And we help craft promotional campaigns to speaker bureaus, event planners and media outlets.