How to Fix What’s Wrong with Virtual Meetings

In an earlier blog, I identified 5 problems with online meetings.  What can you do to put the life back into that sometime blessing, sometime curse of the modern world, virtual meetings?  Accept the less-than-perfect nature of virtual meetings. Don’t try to make virtual meetings into something they’re not, or try to make them carry […]

Give Your Speech Change the World

Video Book Review by Chris Brogan. My friend, Tim Sanders sent me this book by Nick Morgan, Give Your Speech, Change the World: How to Move Your Audience to Action. I admit that as a pro speaker, I wasn’t sure what I’d take from it. Well, I took tons from it, and you might, too, […]

Authenticity and the Dalai Lama

Harvard University, October 2009. Authenticity is the single most quality demanded of public figures and speakers today. With authenticity, you can get a hearing, and maybe inspire a following. Without it, no one will pay any attention to you. Speaker coach Nick Morgan describes the most memorable instance of authenticity he witnessed in a speaker […]