Online Trust is Fragile: Why Herman Cain hasn’t quit yet and other modern era mysteries

I’m fascinated by politicians like Herman Cain and Rick Perry who hang in there – along with their most loyal staff and supporters – long after everyone in the outside world can see that they’re dead in the water.  Why the difference in perspective?  Of course, a huge piece of it is simply the momentum […]

Can you inspire an audience with a negative message?

Can a speaker inspire an audience with a negative message?  The short answer is ‘no’, but of course you’re thinking about politicians – just to take a particularly blatant example – who appear to inspire their followers with all sorts of negative messages, so you’re thinking, ‘certainly a speaker can!’  But you would be wrong.    […]

Current Speakers and their Books – II: Sally Hogshead

It’s an ADD world, information-saturated, and 24/7 – this everyone knows.  Sally Hogshead has figured out what anyone wanting some attention can do about the short attention span of our fellow humans.  In a word, what you have to do is fascinate your species.  Sally’s new book is called Fascinate:  Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion […]