What Should the Role of Speaker Bureaus Be in 2017?

What Should the Role of Speaker Bureaus Be in 2017?

Ever since the Internet blew apart the old analogue job of speaker bureaus – to present speakers to their buyers, the meeting planners and conference organizers – many bureaus have struggled to clarify their real purpose in our half-online, half-in-person world.  Some have indeed simply added more and speakers, trying to make up for the lack of […]

Who Won The Third (and Angriest) Presidential Debate?

Who Won The Third (and Angriest) Presidential Debate?

The third and final presidential debate was the angriest, beginning with the opening, as the two candidates walked on. The walk on  Secretary Clinton walked on to the debate stage for her final debate with Mr. Trump with her usual confidence. Mr. Trump also took the stage with greater confidence than in his previous two […]

The Little Trick That Will Make Your Audiences Trust You

I am happy to report good news for speakers. A recent study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin offers a relatively easy way to increase your connection with an audience along one significant dimension. To understand what’s going on, it’s useful to know something about an older body of research on what’s important to […]

A Simple Body Language Trick to Increase Your Audience’s Trust in You

I’ve written occasionally about the power of mirroring to create trust in human interaction. The reason is relatively straightforward – we are more inclined to trust people who look and feel similar to us, and that is precisely what you do when you mirror someone. Recent studies show that mirroring makes a sales pitch 20 […]

Making Business Relationships Work

In two previous posts I discussed some preliminary work I’ve been doing on the life cycle of a business relationship. I posited that the first stage, pretty clearly, is the relationship-establishing or deal-killing friend-or-foe analysis. In other words, neuroscience tells us, the first thing that people do when they get together is decide do I feel […]

What is the life cycle of a business relationship?

What is the life cycle of a business relationship? And how does neuroscience help us understand it, if at all? I’ve been doing some preparatory work on this question in advance of writing a new book on communications (details to come). Here’s what I’ve learned so far. I’m imagining the kind of business relationship where […]