Free Book Excerpt – Trust Me

For my holiday blog, I'm giving you the first section of my most recent book, Trust Me, free. Enjoy and happy holidays! Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma Introduction Every communication is two conversations: the verbal one — the content — and the nonverbal one — the body language.  If the two are […]

Tact and Public Speaking: How it can all go horribly wrong

Great public speaking requires the intersection of the message, the speaker, and the audience.  Even an Obama or a Reagan misfires sometimes when those three requirements, like the stars, are not aligned.  Understanding how to put the three elements of a successful speech together requires something not often talked about in public speaking circles:  tact.  […]

How to write, sell, and market a business book – VI: Writing the Book

At long last you’re ready to write the book.  You’ve sold the proposal and a publisher is patiently awaiting the application of your genius to the blank computer screen.  What do you need to know before you plunge in?  I’ve written extensively about good structures for content in both of my books on public speaking […]

Current Speakers and their Books – IX: Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a giant in the field of social media.  He’s a blogger extraordinaire (, an author, a speaker, and he runs a company called New Marketing Labs, a “new media marketing agency.”  His big book, written with Julien Smith, is Trust Agents:  Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust […]

Basic principles of nonverbal communication – 10

Principle X: Authenticity and charisma derive from becoming open, connected, passionate and listening with and to your audience. Authenticity comes from aligning your content – the things you say – with your nonverbal communication – your body language.  Another way of saying it is that you have to align your emotions and your message.  In […]