Working Online in Business: Guidelines for Success (Part 1)

Working Online in Business: Guidelines for Success (Part 1)

Last week I started posting about how to use social networking in a business setting.  This week, I’m continuing that discussion with some principles that apply to social networking, and to online connections in general, and in the virtual part of the business world more generally.  Are you a salesperson answering questions for potential customers?  […]

What It Takes to Succeed as a Public Speaker Today

What It Takes to Succeed as a Public Speaker Today

Motivational speeches have acquired a bad name in some quarters. In 2008-9, the market for them tanked, and ever since meeting planners, speaker bureaus, and people looking for speakers have insisted on something called “takeaways,” meaning practical things you can do right away to increase employee morale, productivity, and throughput per pod-human (TPPH), or whatever […]

What Happens When Speeches Go Wrong?

When speeches go wrong, most often it’s the speaker who gets the blame. But a better way of thinking about the problem spreads the blame evenly around between the organizers, the speaker, and (yes) the audience. Most often, a speech goes wrong because there’s a serious mis-match between the speaker’s expertise and the audience’s expectations. […]

Ten Great Speaker Web Sites

If someone is thinking of hiring you to speak at their next event, it’s almost guaranteed that they will look at your web site. It will help them determine what your message is, your typical audience and what your likely fee is. First impressions are important – people will assess you based on the quality […]

Do speakers still need a One Sheet?

I’m in the process of designing a speaker ONE SHEET for a client. This is typically a printed document (or PDF) that provides an overview of a speaker and their current speaking topics. It’s a useful tool for meeting planners who have to sift through many potential speakers. During the selection process they will lay […]

Here’s how to do it: a great speech with no PowerPoint

I’ve been blogging recently about the abuse and misuse of PowerPoint and other slide software.  Today I’m sharing an example of a great business speech that succeeds without using PowerPoint at all.  It’s Simon Sinek’s TED talk, and it’s worthy of study.   Simon’s talk is about “How great leaders inspire action,” and it succeeds in […]