How the World Sees Speakers – A Review of Sally Hogshead’s New Book

I first met Sally Hogshead when she was at the beginning of her author-speaker-wisdom leader life, fresh from a meteoric career as the youngest advertising agency chief in the U.S. with the coolest clients.  She’d handled a difficult pregnancy by, among other things, writing an amazing little book, Radical Careering. That alone should tell you […]

Ten Great Speaker Web Sites

If someone is thinking of hiring you to speak at their next event, it’s almost guaranteed that they will look at your web site. It will help them determine what your message is, your typical audience and what your likely fee is. First impressions are important – people will assess you based on the quality […]

Current Speakers and their Books – II: Sally Hogshead

It’s an ADD world, information-saturated, and 24/7 – this everyone knows.  Sally Hogshead has figured out what anyone wanting some attention can do about the short attention span of our fellow humans.  In a word, what you have to do is fascinate your species.  Sally’s new book is called Fascinate:  Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion […]