How to Become a Happy Speaker in Seven Steps

How to Become a Happy Speaker in Seven Steps

As I wind down the year, and I talk to client, friends, and fellow travelers in the speaking business, I hear common complaints about what makes their lives miserable as speakers. None of these are particularly unique to 2015 – the miseries of the speaking business are the same year in and year out. Sure, […]

What’s the Most Important Thing for a Speaker to Worry About?

What’s the most important aspect of speaking for a professional speaker to develop? I get asked that question all the time by people at the early stages of their careers, people who are passionate about some idea or cause or field of knowledge and who want to spread their expertise to the world. They’re thinking […]

How to Get a Standing Ovation

Be honest.  If you’re a speaker, you crave one.  Everyone else gets one, why shouldn’t you?  And those invitations to speak are going to flow much more often if you can say, “She’s greeted with rapturous audiences giving standing ovations wherever she goes!” So how do you get a standing ovation?  Three simple steps.  Simple, […]