President Obama’s Oil Spill Speech — how effective was it?

I’m taking a day off from the discussion of the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010 to talk about President Obama’s Oil Speech.  The speech illustrated both the extent and the limitations of the presidential forum, and it’s worth study in both its rhetorical and non-verbal aspects.  The speech divided broadly into 3 parts:  first, the […]

Does public speaking terrify you? Here’s what to do about it.

I get asked a great deal about anxiety, fear, nerves, nervousness, butterflies, panic attacks, terror – about public speaking.  A recent article inspired me to talk about the best ways to deal with public speaking fear – and a recent email asked me to blog about the topic, specifically the issue of a shaky voice.  […]

How does a sure-fire, no-miss, grade-A speech go horribly wrong? The anatomy of a terrible speech.

Mena Trott, together with her husband, founded Six Apart, the company that created TypePad, the blogging platform this blog and many others are carried on.  That makes her the “founding mother of the blog revolution,” as put it, so she’s a natural person to invite to speak about the importance of blogging.  The importance […]