Ten Great Speaker Web Sites

If someone is thinking of hiring you to speak at their next event, it’s almost guaranteed that they will look at your web site. It will help them determine what your message is, your typical audience and what your likely fee is. First impressions are important – people will assess you based on the quality […]

Give Your Speech Change the World

Video Book Review by Chris Brogan. My friend, Tim Sanders sent me this book by Nick Morgan, Give Your Speech, Change the World: How to Move Your Audience to Action. I admit that as a pro speaker, I wasn’t sure what I’d take from it. Well, I took tons from it, and you might, too, […]

Authenticity and the Dalai Lama

Harvard University, October 2009. Authenticity is the single most quality demanded of public figures and speakers today. With authenticity, you can get a hearing, and maybe inspire a following. Without it, no one will pay any attention to you. Speaker coach Nick Morgan describes the most memorable instance of authenticity he witnessed in a speaker […]