How to master your gestures to become a more effective communicator

Every communication is two conversations. The first conversation is the one you’re aware of — the content. The second conversation is the one that you’re an unconscious expert on — the non-verbal one. These two conversations always go together. They are so integral to one another that most people tend to gesture with their hands […]

How to Avoid the Presentation Doom Loop

As I said in my last blog, modern presentations are doomed to failure because of ancient survival instincts.  Your body goes into flight or fight mode, and your audience responds similarly, thanks to mirror neurons.  Communication breaks down.  You sense that things are not going well, and you panic more completely.  The audience responds with […]

The basic principles of nonverbal communications – 5

Principle V:  The source of our nonverbal conversation is deep in the oldest part of the brain, in emotions, survival, and relationships – all that’s fundamental to our connections with others and with our surroundings.  Recent brain research has shown us something about the way our minds work that’s deeply counter-intuitive:  we gesture before we […]