Principles of Public Speaking – VI

Principles of Public Speaking – VI

I’m continuing a series of public speaking principles in the next few blog posts that are a summation of what I’ve learned about this fiendishly difficult art and science over three decades of practice, coaching, learning from others, and research, especially neuroscience.  Here are the next seven, concerning the content of a great speech. 36.A great […]

The Three Questions that Predict Public Speaking Failure

The Three Questions that Predict Public Speaking Failure

As a speaker coach, and nurturer of speaking careers, I hear from people every day asking for help to become a paid speaker, a more successful paid speaker, a speaker who gets standing ovations, a speaker who breaks the mold and defies the categories, a speaker who changes the world. And I love it; it’s […]

3 Steps for Quick Speech Prep

How to prepare for that big presentation?  It’s at once an intellectual, emotional, and kinesthetic activity.  It has a lot of moving parts.  Here’s a quick program to carry out before each speech that will get you in peak form. 1. The Intellectual.  Every speech has an intellectual ‘spine’ – the basic ideas that you’ll discuss during […]

How to be a passionate speaker

Many people will tell you that passion is everything in presentations and communications in general.  “Just be yourself – be passionate,” they say.  There are two problems with that advice.  What if you’re not passionate about the subject?  And what if “being yourself” means being shy, or geeky, or just plain terrified? Giving a speech […]

How does a sure-fire, no-miss, grade-A speech go horribly wrong? The anatomy of a terrible speech.

Mena Trott, together with her husband, founded Six Apart, the company that created TypePad, the blogging platform this blog and many others are carried on.  That makes her the “founding mother of the blog revolution,” as put it, so she’s a natural person to invite to speak about the importance of blogging.  The importance […]

Basic principles of nonverbal communication – 10

Principle X: Authenticity and charisma derive from becoming open, connected, passionate and listening with and to your audience. Authenticity comes from aligning your content – the things you say – with your nonverbal communication – your body language.  Another way of saying it is that you have to align your emotions and your message.  In […]