Communication and Brain Science – Part 2

We humans are much more communal than we realize.  It’s something we’ve forgotten, as we tune in separately to our thousand channels of entertainment and news using devices that isolate us even as they offer pseudo-connections to the group through the music or the headlines or the games.  We remember our communality when we get […]

What’s wrong with virtual meetings?

The realities of 21st century work life, especially post 2008, means many of us have more virtual meetings than face-to-face ones.  That represents a huge shift in organizational life in less than a generation.  Of course, the purveyors of the high-tech equipment that makes these meetings possible tout the benefits – efficiency, speed, savings on […]

Put your unconscious mind to work to become a better public speaker

We’ve evolved to have some extraordinary skills.  Chief among them is a whole battery of brain cells and autonomic functions that focus almost exclusively on keeping us alive.  All mostly unconscious and incredibly efficient.   That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, not so good for public speaking.  Because the famous ‘fight or flight’ adrenaline response is marvelous […]