Imagine There’s No PowerPoint

Imagine there's no PowerPointIt's easy if you tryNo screens before usNo piles of printed slidesImagine all the people focusing on you Imagine there's no clip artIt isn't hard to doNothing clichéd or stupidNo dumb cartoonsImagine all the people focusing on you You, you may sayI'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only oneI hope some […]

Pam Slim Live at the Public Words Speaker Forum 2010

A few years back, a worker bee got fed up in corporate America, quit her job, became an entrepreneur and consultant, and later on wrote a direct letter to CEOs everywhere, telling them in no uncertain terms how badly they were living up to the ideals of leadership, caring for their people, providing meaningful work […]

How to develop a paid public speaking career – V: What you need

Let’s talk about the marketing materials you need to develop a paid public speaking career.  There are a few essentials:  a DVD, a website, a book, a one-sheet.  And a number of should-haves: a social media presence, a blog, a press kit, handouts, YouTube videos.  And after that, the only limit is your imagination.  The […]

The Future of Conferences, Part Five – How to Involve the Audience

  Conferences ask a lot of passivity from their audiences – audiences made up of people who are normally quite active.  The traditional model involves sitting in a seat for 2 or 3 days, occasionally allowed to ask questions, but basically only invited out of the seat for meal and bathroom breaks.  Any networking that’s […]