How to Communicate Change

How to Communicate Change

As I talk to audiences recently, and, in fact, as I get ready to talk to those audiences by interviewing the meeting planners, conference organizers, and potential audience members, over and over again I hear a strikingly similar plaint. They begin by saying, “Our industry differs from every other one you’ll talk to.  Change is […]

Authenticity or Charisma?

Somewhere between the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries, the general public became tired of hype and decided that it wanted authenticity instead. It’s the most important quality in leadership communications today. Don’t believe me? Think about it: with it, you can move people to action. Without it, you can’t even get a hearing. You’re in […]

Seven Ways to Enchant an Audience

How can you go beyond the usual efforts to create a successful presentation – and enchant the audience?  What are the secrets to creating magic with a speech?  Here are seven ways to take your speech beyond the ordinary.  Some of these will be familiar to you, but I’m guessing that at least one will […]