Why You Need to Pitch Your Voice Lower

Why You Need to Pitch Your Voice Lower

Back in the mid- or early nineties, I was videotaped for the first time, doing some media work for my then-employer, Princeton University.  Aside from the usual reactions – I didn’t like my hair, my clothes, my physique, or what I did with my hands – I was most astonished by the shrill, pipsqueak voice […]

How You Can Profit from the Massachusetts Gubernatorial Race

Here in Massachusetts, we have a gubernatorial race that is an object lesson for students of public speaking everywhere.  The two top candidates (out of 4), Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker, both suffer from a common – but curable – malady of public speakers:  nasal voices.  Research over the years indicates that people dislike nasal […]

Does public speaking terrify you? Here’s what to do about it.

I get asked a great deal about anxiety, fear, nerves, nervousness, butterflies, panic attacks, terror – about public speaking.  A recent article inspired me to talk about the best ways to deal with public speaking fear – and a recent email asked me to blog about the topic, specifically the issue of a shaky voice.  […]