How Your Unconscious Mind Betrays You – and What You Can Do about It

Back in the cave person era, by all accounts, we evolved this exquisite mechanism, the fight or flight response, to handle brief, intense moments of danger, when we needed to be on high alert and face the world ready to fight or get the heck outta there. We’re not even consciously aware of this mechanism, […]

Manning, the Broncos, and Adrenaline: What Went Wrong? Lessons for Speakers

Watching the first few calamitous minutes of the Super Bowl — calamitous, at least, for Peyton Manning and the Broncos — I found myself thinking about adrenaline.  If there ever were an occasion to get pumped up, it’s the Super Bowl.  So much at stake, so many people watching, so many reputations and bragging rights […]

Stage Fright? Here’s What to Do

Peak performance requires peak functioning, both mental and physical.  To accomplish that, a little adrenaline helps.  Yet most of us tend to experience adrenaline as “nerves” – a variety of symptoms beginning with edginess and going all the way up to full panic.  We don’t like those sensations, and so we think of them as […]