Public Words was founded by Dr Nick Morgan, one of America’s top communication theorists and coaches. The company’s mission: to improve the world of business and not-for-profit communications, turning ideas into stories that move people to action.

Why do we do this?

In his first corporate job three decades ago, Nick realized that stories in the business world just didn’t measure up. Spreadsheets and data ruled. Meetings were death by PowerPoint.  Movie makers and politicians knew how to capitalize on the power of emotional connection, yet corporate executives were doing just the opposite.

From the rhetorical insights of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, to the compelling storytelling of Shakespeare, Dickens, and Tolkien, past wisdom has much to teach modern communicators. Today, Nick combines the ancient arts of persuasion, rhetoric, and storytelling with current neuroscience to help thought leaders and executives communicate effectively with their audiences around the world.

What do we do?

Nick and his specialized team work with organizations and individuals across the globe to write speeches, learn how to command the stage, write best-selling books and develop brands that get attention.

We help you tell your story.

Become the storyteller everyone listens to.