How to Fail as a Professional Public Speaker – the Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Speakers

I work with professional speakers, people aspiring to become professional speakers, speakers on the way up, and all the variants in between.  There are as many stories about their roads to success as there are individuals.  And yes, of course, the road to success goes through the swamp of failure and frustration before it gets […]

10 WordPress Themes for Speakers and Authors

WordPress is taking over the web these days. Thanks to their software, creating beautiful, functional web sites with built-in blogs is much easier, faster and cheaper than it used to be. Armies of talented developers are creating templates and plugins that will bring your site into the 21st Century and make it actually function. Nowadays, […]

Ten Great Speaker Web Sites

If someone is thinking of hiring you to speak at their next event, it’s almost guaranteed that they will look at your web site. It will help them determine what your message is, your typical audience and what your likely fee is. First impressions are important – people will assess you based on the quality […]