How to Understand Your Audience

When I’m working with clients, we always start, not with them, but with their audience.  Sometimes clients find this a bit surprising, because like many first-time authors, when you ask them who their audience is, they’ll say, “Why, everyone!” That’s a mistake.  It shows you haven’t thought deeply enough about yourself and your message.  None […]

The Eight Worst Ways to Start a Speech

The Eight Worst Ways to Start a Speech

Every year about now, the conference season kicks into gear and I hear — and coach — speeches and speakers under conditions of high stress and adrenaline.  Inevitably, I hear speech beginnings that don’t do either their speakers or their audiences any favors.  Some are small mistakes and some are more fundamental, but they’re all […]

Q and A with Tucker Max

Q and A with Tucker Max

I’m taking a short break this week from posting about the principles of public speaking to put a couple of Q and As out.  This is the second. Enjoy!  Next week I’ll return to the principles of public speaking. The traditional book publishing business is getting up-ended in a number of ways.  Many of them […]

How the World Sees Speakers – A Review of Sally Hogshead’s New Book

I first met Sally Hogshead when she was at the beginning of her author-speaker-wisdom leader life, fresh from a meteoric career as the youngest advertising agency chief in the U.S. with the coolest clients.  She’d handled a difficult pregnancy by, among other things, writing an amazing little book, Radical Careering. That alone should tell you […]

Who Is the World’s Most Influential Leader, and What Does It Take to Lead Today?

Who is the world’s most influential leader?  According to our highly unscientific survey last week – a contest we ran in order to give away five copies of my new book, Power Cues – it’s Jesus by a whisker, followed closely by Nelson Mandela and Gandhi.  Martin Luther King, Jr, the Dalai Lama, the current […]

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Publishing A Book

In celebration of the publication of my new book, Power Cues, let’s compare the state of the industry in 2003, when my first book, Give Your Speech, Change the World, was published, 2008, when Trust Me, my second book, was released, and today, May 13, 2014, Power Cues’ debut. In 2003, there was an Internet, […]