The Uselessness of Speaker Ratings

One of the unfair realities of the professional speaking business is that celebrities get a pass when it comes time to rate the speaker after the speech.  And ratings are incredibly important to speakers because they are so essential for good buzz, repeat business, and long-term success. I’ve seen my fair share of celebrities speak, […]

What’s Wrong with Virtual Communication, Part 2

Virtual relationships are more fragile and easily disrupted because they all lack the unconscious connections our face-to-face interactions automatically convey.  The lift of an eyebrow, a quick smile, a shake of the head – these are the ways we decode other people’s intents.  They are largely absent from all forms of digital communication. In business, […]

Two New Business Stories for Corporate Communicators

According the most recent Gallup numbers I could find, American businesses rank about equally with Congress in trust, well below the church, schools, and the military (the most trusted of all). Those aren’t very good numbers.  Corporate communications has a job to do – to tell the positive story of business in American civic life.  And […]