How to Give a Virtual Introdution

How to Give a Virtual Introdution

Last week, I updated a post from 2011 that has been perennially popular, on giving an in-person introduction for a speaker.  But today, your introduction of someone else may just as likely be online, for a webinar or a video conference or something similar.  Does the virtual medium affect the rules of introducing someone?  How […]

If Virtual Communication Is so Important, Why Do I Feel so Bad Using It?

For most people, moving into the digital world to communicate means experiencing significant loss of clarity, ease, and depth.  You struggle to convey the lightness of tone you want in an email, and risk offending your colleague because the smile doesn’t come through.  You tune out during an audio conference because some connection is missing […]

Two New Business Stories for Corporate Communicators

According the most recent Gallup numbers I could find, American businesses rank about equally with Congress in trust, well below the church, schools, and the military (the most trusted of all). Those aren’t very good numbers.  Corporate communications has a job to do – to tell the positive story of business in American civic life.  And […]

How to Understand Your Audience

When I’m working with clients, we always start, not with them, but with their audience.  Sometimes clients find this a bit surprising, because like many first-time authors, when you ask them who their audience is, they’ll say, “Why, everyone!” That’s a mistake.  It shows you haven’t thought deeply enough about yourself and your message.  None […]