If Virtual Communication Is so Important, Why Do I Feel so Bad Using It?

For most people, moving into the digital world to communicate means experiencing significant loss of clarity, ease, and depth.  You struggle to convey the lightness of tone you want in an email, and risk offending your colleague because the smile doesn’t come through.  You tune out during an audio conference because some connection is missing […]

What’s Wrong with Virtual Communication, Part 2

Virtual relationships are more fragile and easily disrupted because they all lack the unconscious connections our face-to-face interactions automatically convey.  The lift of an eyebrow, a quick smile, a shake of the head – these are the ways we decode other people’s intents.  They are largely absent from all forms of digital communication. In business, […]

What’s Wrong with Virtual Communication, Part 1

We are all unwitting participants in a massive social experiment that began slowly after World War II and gathered speed in the last decade with the introduction of the smart phone.  We have created virtual personas, online worlds, digital connections, social media lives, email relationships, audio-conference teams, video linkups – the whole panoply of ways […]

How to Understand Your Audience

When I’m working with clients, we always start, not with them, but with their audience.  Sometimes clients find this a bit surprising, because like many first-time authors, when you ask them who their audience is, they’ll say, “Why, everyone!” That’s a mistake.  It shows you haven’t thought deeply enough about yourself and your message.  None […]