With the right story, your brand can make an authentic connection with the public.

Does your organization have a story to tell the world about a new product? Do you need to get a message out to employees so that they get energized about your service offerings? We work with corporations, government agencies, and non-profits to develop their organizational stories and communication strategies. Call us today to get started telling a better story to the world.

Storytelling and Message Development

Too much information competes for your audience’s overloaded attention. We work with you to shape and structure your idea for change – whether it’s an internal initiative, or a new product announcement – to make it memorable and compelling. We help you find the story in your product or process – the story that audiences won’t be able to forget. Call us to set up a customized storytelling retreat or workshop today.


PR and Marketing

What’s the right communications vehicle for your message? Beyond the speech and the conference, is it a web site, a series of clever YouTube videos, or even a book? We help you develop your ideas, craft the messages, and then create the marketing plan that will get attention. We also help you get to grips with community-building tools like Twitter and Facebook. The organizations that stand out are those with well-crafted brands and active communities of fans and fellow enthusiasts. Call us today for a customized marketing action plan.

Speech Writing and Event Planning

Do you want to take your story to an organizational town hall to spread the word? Or do you want to organize a world-changing conference for your customers to showcase some compelling new ideas, services, products? Are you an executive wanting to sharpen your skills for the internal storytelling you know is essential? Or are you a team that wants to get the word out to your customers and your public? Call today for a customized conference design program and script package.