Power Cues

The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact

In POWER CUES Nick Morgan examines new brain and behavioral science about how humans communicate, and the importance of authentic face-to-face interactions.  What are the visual cues, subtle gestures, sounds and signals that elicit emotion? What are implications for leaders who are not in tune with them? By tapping into these new findings, leaders will understand how to become more persuasive and how to communicate more effectively.

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Trust Me

Nick shows how anyone can be an effective speaker by presenting an image of authenticity and respect for the audience.

Nick presents a four-step process, perfected in his teaching at Harvard, that enables readers to retain their own personal speaking style while becoming more persuasive and charismatic communicators and leaders. The key to success is to train your unconscious body language to align with your message.

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Give Your Speech, Change The World

This book takes public speaking to a new level with an audience-centered approach that combines aspects of ancient Greek rhetorical practice with proven modern-day communication techniques.

Give Your Speech, Change the World offers a more sophisticated treatment of public speaking than previous books on the subject. Most books in this genre are gimmicky, ‘tips and tricks’ books. Nick discusses both the history of public speaking and modern practical techniques for improving your own presentations. This book teaches managers at all levels how to successfully use audience-centered speaking to engage the people in front of you, persuade them of your message, and change the world.

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