How Many Questions Should You Ask an Audience?

A recent question from reader and creator of the great blog and book about inquiry, A More Beautiful Question, Warren Berger, had to do with involving the audience. What is the right time, and what are the right ways, to involve audiences? Warren had heard a keynoter ask lots of questions of the audience, rhetorical and […]

Do You Have An Idea That Will Change The World?

I often get asked by potential clients, audience members, and random virtual acquaintances if the idea they present to me as their candidate for a thought leadership program will sell. My reaction is almost always that that’s the wrong question. If you want to develop a thought leadership platform, and a profitable speaking career to […]

What have we learned so far from the debates?

The Republicans have had four official debates to date, and the Democrats two. What have we learned, in terms of body language and communications dos and don’ts, from all this adrenalized effort? What works and what doesn’t? Perhaps the most consistently surprising debater is Mr. Trump. He began by completely dominating the first debate, taking […]

The Five Building Blocks of A Successful Speaking Career

This post is the second in an occasional series about professional speaking careers. I often get asked about how to become a successful (i.e. sustained) professional (i.e., paid) speaker. My response, from many years of working with people to establish, to ramp up, and to sustain professional speaking careers, is that there are five essential […]