The 5 Biggest Body Language Surprises of the CNBC Republican Debate

We’ve come to expect surprising things from the Republican debates in terms of body language, from Donald Trump’s dominance of the first one, way back in August, to Governor Kasich’s nervousness to Ben Carson’s quiet sarcasm about not getting many questions. Each of those lessons got turned on its head in the latest CNBC debate […]

Top Ten Body Language Insights From The Debates So Far

As a political junkie, I’ve been following the debates avidly, and commenting on them for CNN, Forbes, and Business Insider.  It has been a feast for body language fans, with over 10 hours of debate time and plenty of hits and misses. Following are my ten lessons for anyone trying to succeed in this high-stakes […]

How to Prepare for a Speech You’re Worried About

I’ve just come from three speeches in three days. Before that, it had been just over a month. Speeches seem to go in clumps sometimes. So I was feeling a bit rusty going into this three-day stretch. I’d provided a lot of coaching, and done a couple of slots on CNN commenting on the debates […]

What Happens When Speeches Go Wrong?

When speeches go wrong, most often it’s the speaker who gets the blame. But a better way of thinking about the problem spreads the blame evenly around between the organizers, the speaker, and (yes) the audience. Most often, a speech goes wrong because there’s a serious mis-match between the speaker’s expertise and the audience’s expectations. […]

An Update On AutismSees One Year Later

Just over a year ago, I wrote about Danielle Feerst and AustismSees, a startup dedicated to creating technology – apps – to help people with autism make successful public presentations. A year later, and Danielle is now a rising senior at Tufts University. She hasn’t been idle. The company received support from MassChallenge, a startup accelerator, […]

What’s Holding You Back?

I started thinking last week about the fears that hold executives back from performing with all their moxie when giving a presentation– showing up with 100% in the moment, fully present, and ready to go. Or, since we love exaggeration in the business and self-help world, and especially here in America, what prevents executives from […]

What Health Care Executives Fear

I had the pleasure recently of working with a small number of health care executives on their public personas and speaking. Now, I have tremendous admiration for the vast majority of health care people because they’re in the business of saving lives, and that’s hugely important work. And it hits close to home for me. […]