Speakers Need to Think About Their Branding

Susan Fiske, Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University, studies the psychology of branding, consumers, and the motivation to buy from one company over another. She’s worked out how we pick friends, and companies – both the ones we decide to like and the ones we decide to hate. Her book, The Human […]

High Voice? Low Voice? What Works in Front of an Audience?

I’ve been posting a good deal recently on research having to do with the voice. And a number of readers have asked me about one voice study that seemed to contradict most of the others, finding that a higher, more strident voice came across as higher status than a lower one. Well, rest easy. We […]

How to Turn Your Speaking Flaws Into Strengths

This is an era of great psychological studies. Psychologists have bravely jumped in to quantify things they previously thought were unquantifiable or simply not researchable in general. A case in point is a recent study, published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (http://bit.ly/1vwGVHw).  The study found that if you told yourself that a character […]

Which is better — a healthy or an intelligent speaker?

The Dutch undertake the best research. I’m always on the lookout for studies about improving leadership – since I coach leaders on how to do their jobs better – and by extension that important form of leadership known as public speaking. So naturally I was fascinated when I saw a study from that wonderful country […]

Why Your Speaking Voice Matters

Here’s a quick question for American readers fresh from a Thanksgiving family gathering – or indeed anyone who has gathered around the table with family or friends recently: Who dominated the conversation? Research (and anecdotal evidence from my own Thanksgiving experiments) suggests that high-status or high-power voices tend to dominate. Of course, anyone who has […]