NMorgan_PF_CodeShareImage .002I first met Sally Hogshead when she was at the beginning of her author-speaker-wisdom leader life, fresh from a meteoric career as the youngest advertising agency chief in the U.S. with the coolest clients.  She’d handled a difficult pregnancy by, among other things, writing an amazing little book, Radical Careering.

That alone should tell you something about Sally’s creativity, drive, and general ability to turn life’s lemons into lemonade.  But the thing that impressed me most, I think, about Sally wasn’t her dynamic stage presence, or her bold ideas about how to create interesting ads, but her ability to come up with five hundred – yes, 500 – ideas during a brainstorming session for a client she was working with.  In an hour or two.

She often says she gets her drive from her name. Can you imagine how it toughens you up on the playground as an eight-year-old to have the last name “Hogshead?” But wherever it comes from, it’s a natural force, unstoppable, like tsunamis and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

It was evident as we worked together on the ideas that became Fascinate, Sally’s groundbreaking book on how to get and hold attention in a distracted world.

But it seemed like I only took my eyes off her for a minute or two, after Fascinate and her speaking career were well-launched, that she created a whole new way to think about the mysteries of human personality on top of that book, with its seven keys to holding attention (passion, power, prestige, mystique, alert, innovation, trust).  Now readers of her new book, How The World Sees You, can determine their own personality archetypes, figure out how to best use their strengths (and minimize their weaknesses), create an anthem that tells the world who you are, like an elevator pitch only better, and then compare what they’ve found to the vast database that she and her team have built based on their research into personality, drive, and attention.

It’s an extraordinary achievement, and Sally’s system has created a juggernaut of insight into how we work, play, and relate as our best selves.  You can increase your business success, make yourself more fascinating to your mate of choice, and find your highest and best use on the planet.

Speakers owe it to themselves to buy Sally’s book to ascertain whether or not they’re marketing themselves in the best possible way, speaking about the best possible subjects (for them), and connecting with audiences in the most powerful ways (for them).

To make it easier for readers of this blog, the link and the code below will give you Sally’s diagnostic test for free, so that you can get to work right away on maximizing your impact on the world.  Good luck!  I expect to hear about a whole new flock of successful speakers who can market themselves successfully and talk about the subjects they’re most passionate about, thanks to Sally and the archetypes.  Get to work.

Howtofascinate.com/You  enter code: NMorgan

UPDATE 9:11 AM EST: If you tried the code earlier and it didn’t work, please refresh your browser and try again. The Fascinate team tells me they’ve worked out the bug that was blocking people earlier.  Apologies for the delay and please let me know of success or failure after 9:10 AM EST via the comments so we can sort out any further problems.


  1. Nick, Can’t wait to read Sally’s new book. And very interested in the diagnostic test. But your code – NMorgan – is not working. Can you help? I’m a huge fan of yours as well.

    best regards, Debbie

  2. Hi Nick-

    To reiterate what Debbie just said, the code isn’t working. Would love to take the assessment though and have been following Sally for a while now on Twitter. Great stuff that she’s putting out.

    1. Hi Jesan! The technical issue has been fixed. You can now use the code to discover your highest value. Once you do, be sure to post your results here! We’d love to know how you fascinate 🙂

  3. Hi everyone!

    On behalf of Sally Hogshead and Team Fascinate we wanted to apologize for the code not working this morning. We have fixed the issue so feel free to take the test now and share with others!

    Thank you so much for your patience 🙂

    1. Thanks, Corey — I’ve already had a couple of people let me know directly that it is working now! Thanks for the quick fix!

  4. Sorry to be a party pooper Nick, but I tried it and I have to say I got the same feeling I get when reading horoscope: generalities that could apply to anyone. So, I did it again, but this time I used the =RANDBETWEEN(1,4) in Excel to generate a column of numbers between 1 and 4 and plugged in random answers and got a different result but equally horoscope-like generalities such as ‘By posing questions and pointing out facts, you’re able to defuse heated discussions’. I poked around a bit and found the method is best on “proprietary research” so AFAICT there’s been no peer-review of it’s significance and I highly doubt it would stand up to such scrutiny.

    Oh! And here’s my horoscope for today: “It’s all too easy for you to lose your train of thought today — so try to keep careful notes or, better still, avoid any in-depth projects. You may stumble upon new inspiration more easily.”


    1. Thanks, Colin, for your comments. Sally has a lot of polling to back up what she’s doing, but I realize that a keen scientific mind such as yours will not be impressed by something that comes under the category of soft science. What’s my horoscope for today:-)?

  5. Hi there, I tried the code and it does not work, I am not sure if the code still apply till now, please advise. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Sonita — Alas, that code and the offer expired over a year ago, when the blog first posted. You can go to Sally’s website and take the test — it’s only a few dollars.

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