How Public Speakers Can Use Body Language To Deliver Great Speeches – 1

For public speakers the body language news is both good and bad. The good news is that you are already an unconscious expert, for the most part, in reading some of the body language cues and the concomitant underlying emotions of people familiar to you. For example, arriving home, you can tell in an instant […]

Why Speakers Need to Reign in Their Unconscious Minds

As I discussed last time, the reality is that your conscious mind is beset by essentially random directives from your unconscious mind, some of which help you succeed in your larger purposes in life and most of which don’t.  For public speakers, to avoid this trap, you first need to learn to visualize success.  And […]

Be Ready to Give a Great Speech, Top 10 Travel Tips for Speakers

Successful speakers are travellers. And they’re a particular kind: they have to arrive ready to give a great speech. So how do you minimize the wear and tear of modern travel on the body and soul? Nicola Dunkinson, Travel Writer and Blogger, gives us her top 10 tips for travel. As BA Cabin Crew, Nicola […]

Why Visualization Matters for Speakers

A recent study by cognitive neuroscientists at the University of Oslo found that imagining a series of images produced the same physiological responses as actually looking at the images. That’s why visualization matters for speakers.  You need to imagine yourself succeeding.  In terms of your brain, it’s virtually the same thing as actually doing it.  […]

Ian Cunliffe, Ed Tate, Kuala Lumpur, and the Art of Visualization

Meet Ian Cunliffe.  His public speaking journey is an extraordinary one, from fearful to joyful, from never-going-to-speak-in-public to competing in world championships, from amateur to coaching others.  You can read about Ian in more detail here.  But for this post I’m going to focus on one particular aspect of Ian’s journey:  visualization.  Because it’s the […]