A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Ease the Fear of Public Speaking

For my post today, I’m putting up a recent conversation I had with Dr. Andrew Hill, a neuroscientist and expert in biofeedback and other ways to make your brain behave the way you’d like it to.  We cover stage fright, mindfulness, the uses and abuses of adrenaline, and brain plasticity.  Hill makes complicated brain research […]

5 Quick, Good Summer Reads

Looking for a quick, work-related (tax deductible) summer read?  Here are 5 fast ones that you can throw in your satchel to take to the beach…..Authors have responded to the need for speed by giving us short books, quick insights, and commentary on truncated speeches.  It’s an age that demands that we get it in […]

How to Get a Standing Ovation

Be honest.  If you’re a speaker, you crave one.  Everyone else gets one, why shouldn’t you?  And those invitations to speak are going to flow much more often if you can say, “She’s greeted with rapturous audiences giving standing ovations wherever she goes!” So how do you get a standing ovation?  Three simple steps.  Simple, […]

Where Do You Rate on Five Speaker Success Factors?

It’s usual in the world of psychology to refer to 5 personality traits (or continua) as determining most of the differences among our fellow human beings: Openness to experience Conscientiousness Extroversion Agreeableness Neuroticism If you imagine each of these as a continuum and place yourself on it, you’ll quickly get an idea of how you […]

What’s the difference between watching a TED speech on your computer and attending an event?

We’re watching a great deal of video on our computers these days, and seeing fewer live human speeches.  That’s a perfectly understandable trend, born of time and money issues, but it’s important to understand that something is missing when you don’t attend the live event.  If you have decision-making power over a travel-and-conference budget, you […]

What’s the Difference Between Keynotes and Training?

What’s the difference between a keynote (or breakout) speech and a training session?  I get asked that question by speakers looking to add an additional product to their speaking mix, and by trainers wondering if the ideas I put forward on this blog and in my books apply to the magic they do. So here […]