7 Communications Questions Leaders Need to Ask Themselves

As a sneak preview for my upcoming book Power Cues:  The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact, here are the seven questions I argue leaders — or anyone who wants to communicate powerfully — need to ask themselves in order to stop leaving their communications to chance and to start […]

Stage Fright? Here’s What to Do

Peak performance requires peak functioning, both mental and physical.  To accomplish that, a little adrenaline helps.  Yet most of us tend to experience adrenaline as “nerves” – a variety of symptoms beginning with edginess and going all the way up to full panic.  We don’t like those sensations, and so we think of them as […]

Speaking as a Career, the Importance of Rehearsal, and Rodolphe Dutel

Entrepreneur and adventurer (I love that self-description) Rodolphe “Rudy” Dutel got in touch with me to help him kick off his new blog on self-improvement, Karma, and yes, adventures.  I think I checked the self-improvement box, since the discussion was all about storytelling, rehearsal, the career of professional speaking, and other public speaking mysteries.  We […]

Oprah Rocks Harvard

Oprah Winfrey’s success is well-documented, the distance she’s come phenomenal,  and now she’s received the ultimate stamp of approval: Harvard invited her to give the commencement address this year.  It was an impressive performance.  I’d give her an “A” in spite of the first part of the speech being all about her, and throughout just […]