WordPress is taking over the web these days. Thanks to their software, creating beautiful, functional web sites with built-in blogs is much easier, faster and cheaper than it used to be.

Armies of talented developers are creating templates and plugins that will bring your site into the 21st Century and make it actually function. Nowadays, selling products on line, building communities and getting front-page Google rankings isn’t as daunting a task as it once seemed.

With so many options available, the biggest challenge is deciding which design theme to start from. Here are some links to a few I’ve bookmarked that would work well for speakers and authors. Just imagine the stock photos replaced with your promo shots, book cover or speaker reel. As well as telling your story, you might also get ideas for functionality too. Whether you want to enlist people in your cause, publish your own ebook, or launch an app – take a look at the themes below for inspiration.

1. Goodwork
WordPress Theme Goodwork

2. Pinpoint
WordPress Theme Pinpoint

3. Quentin
WordPress Theme Quentin

4. Executive
WordPress Theme Executive

5. Amplus
WordPress Theme Amplus

6. Streamline
WordPress Theme Streamline

7. Croma
WordPress Theme Croma

8. Advocate
WordPress Theme Advocate

9. EBookie
WordPress Theme EBookie

10. LandingSpace WP
WordPress Theme Landing Space

And, one for luck. Soon to be released Get Noticed! by Michael Hyatt
WordPress Theme Get Noticed


  1. Thanks so much for this list. I found two themes for a new site I’m developing that look like they might do the trick. I appreciate this curated list. It saved me many many hours of time digging through completely unsuitable themes.

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