Brain Mastery – Part 8

These seven steps to brain mastery are designed to put the best, most recent brain science together with traditional knowledge about storytelling and presence – and with what my work with clients has shown to produce results – in order to put you in control of your communications. Strong human communications form the basis of […]

The Seventh Step to Brain Mastery

The seventh and final step in brain mastery is to do something you might think impossible:  take control of someone else’s brain and synchronize it with yours.  The research in this area is in its early stages, but the implications are fascinating. It turns out that when we communicate with someone else effectively, we do […]

The Sixth Step to Brain Mastery

It’s time you got to know your gut; that’s the sixth step in the process of brain mastery.  There’s a lot of folk wisdom about the gut, and how you should trust it sometimes and be smarter than it at other times, but the reality is far more complicated and surprising. We have something like […]

The Fifth Step to Brain Mastery

The fifth step in brain mastery involves focusing in on certain aspects of your body language and others’ behavior to increase your success rate as a leader and a colleague in your organization – or indeed, in your personal life.  Sandy Pentland, of the MIT Media Lab, has studied what he calls “honest signals,” meaning […]

The Fourth Step to Brain Mastery

The fourth step to brain mastery comes straight out of science fiction.  In his classic sci-fi novel Dune, Frank Herbert shows us a powerful family communicating their intent with secret hand signals and controlling less dominant individuals with the Voice, a mysterious way of speaking that bends others to their will. Here’s the surprising truth:  […]

The Third Step to Brain Mastery

The third step in brain mastery involves learning how to read the body language of others around you. There is a huge body of misinformation that has built up around reading body language.   The research approach for most of the last 40 years studied gestures as if they had specific meaning.  In other words, if […]

The Second Step to Brain Mastery

The second step to brain mastery and powerful communication follows directly on from the first.  Now that you’ve taken inventory of your gestures, it’s time to learn to control and shape them. Here’s the surprise:  once you take charge of your own gestures with the right techniques, you’ll be well on the way to controlling […]