How to Get Angry in Public – Australian Prime Minister Gillard Shows Us How to Get It Right

A few weeks back, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a speech in Parliament that has gone viral on YouTube – with over 2 million views – and perhaps changed the nature of the debate about sexism in Australia.  Fellow speech coach Claire Duffy brought it to my attention and I’ve been studying the speech […]

Election Sanity Break: Funny TED-Like, Non-TED Talk a Must-See

We succeed because of our weaknesses, not in spite of them.  With that counter-intuitive thought, David Rendall takes his audience on a funny, insightful journey through the mysteries of growing up different, coping with flaws and finding entrepreneurial success.  This video is one of the funniest, TED-like, non-TED talks I’ve seen, and I recommend it […]

How to write a great speech

A great speech puts the occasion, the audience, and the speaker together in an unforgettable way. All three pieces of the rhetorical puzzle are important. When Churchill was going to give his famous ‘Iron Curtain’ speech after WW II, he didn’t go over to the House of Commons, where he delivered most of his orations. […]