People I’m Grateful for #9 – Dr. Liane Davey

I’m resuming my series on people I’m grateful for.  This week I’m highlighting the work of Dr. Liane Davey, a writer, speaker and consultant to companies on the subject of healthy teams. 

You know your worst meeting?  That regular one that you dread going to, because it’s dysfunctional in some horrible way?  Perhaps the people are passive-aggressive and never say anything out loud.  Or perhaps the purpose of the meeting has long since been lost in the bureaucratic haze and yet the team keeps on going.  Or perhaps every single time the meeting happens it’s a huge fight that never seems to resolve anything. 

The reasons are as numerous as the people in meetings, but the fact remains that too many teams are dysfunctional and too many meetings are soul-destroying.  That’s where Liane comes in.  She’s got a background in psychology and a huge amount of experience in business and organizations straightening teams and meetings out and teaching them how to be productive and even exciting.  Her ideas about creating healthy teams are both new and well-grounded in real insights into human behavior.   

One of the great things about being a coach is that you get to meet a wonderful variety of people doing amazing things for the world, and Liane is one of those.  I’m helping her ramp up her speaking – but you don’t have to wait for her to become a speaking superstar to benefit from her work.  She blogs regularly here with down-to-earth, practical advice on how to improve teams.  One of my favorite blog posts of hers came recently on what to say to improve your teamwork.  You can read that one here.  And she’s co-written one book and several eBooks with another book on the way. 

So connect with this rising star and learn from her how you can fix your own team or meeting before it drives your blood pressure up too high and you explode. 

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