Do speakers still need a One Sheet?

I’m in the process of designing a speaker ONE SHEET for a client. This is typically a printed document (or PDF) that provides an overview of a speaker and their current speaking topics. It’s a useful tool for meeting planners who have to sift through many potential speakers. During the selection process they will lay […]

Imagine There’s No PowerPoint

Imagine there's no PowerPointIt's easy if you tryNo screens before usNo piles of printed slidesImagine all the people focusing on you Imagine there's no clip artIt isn't hard to doNothing clichéd or stupidNo dumb cartoonsImagine all the people focusing on you You, you may sayI'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only oneI hope some […]

What do Kate Middleton and Kim Jong-un have in common?

Since I reviewed Kate Middleton’s first public speech, it seems only fair to check out another world leader’s maiden attempt at public communication.  Kim Jon-un, the 29-year-old dictator of North Korea, addressed one of his country frequent military shows yesterday.  The occasion was surprising because it may signal a shift in, at least, PR from […]