Why Authenticity Is Hard; Why It’s Essential

Authenticity is hard because it is hard to be open and honest about ourselves, warts and all. Authenticity is hard because sometimes we want to hide our own less-than-perfect traits from ourselves. Authenticity is hard because other people may seize on our weaknesses as proof of our unworthiness, rather than our humanity. Authenticity is hard […]

Can You Present Sitting Down?

We live in an era of flattened hierarchies, informality, and collegial behavior.  And so naturally enough, many clients ask me if they can present sitting down.  It’s an inevitable question — it feels more collegial, and less exposed, to sit down around the table like everyone else.  Let’s face it; it’s easier.  And isn’t it […]

When Is Rehearsing a Presentation a Bad Idea?

When is rehearsing a presentation a bad idea?  Clients often try to talk themselves out of rehearsal, because they’re pressed for time, because they don’t like the feeling of rehearsal (you’re not in control yet), or because they argue that rehearsal will make them stale.  Those are bad arguments.  People who ‘wing it’ usually betray […]