There are many ways to say the words “I love you,” but the way that counts is said without words.  The body language of love begins, of course, with flirting:  fleeting eye contact, longer eye contact, smiling, grooming, drawing nearer to each other, accidental touching, and finally close one-to-one communion that shuts out the rest of the world. 

Once two people are acknowledged lovers, something quite wonderful happens.  Watch their body language in a restaurant, or strolling down the street, or at a party, and you’ll see something the non-verbal experts call synchronicity.  That’s a mouthful that simply means that the two move together, gesture together, and react together, anticipating each other’s thoughts, intents, and desires.  To experience that kind of harmony with another human being is the cure for loneliness, the antidote for despair, and the hope of the planet.  We humans are hard-wired for empathy, and love is its culmination.  On Valentine’s Day I wish you the happiness of another human being to dance with in perfect harmony, beyond words, and as close as the beating of your own heart. 


  1. So true! At times, Body Language is more telling than verbal language. I actually got to spend time with a very special person on Vday and the synchronicity was sweetly succinct. There was much I wanted to say but at times words got in the way; so we communicated in a different way and ironically without sex. There was a raw electric feel; I guess this is what intimacy is all about..

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