Why the debt limit talks are doomed – a rhetorical analysis

This is the 4th podcast in my series based on Trust Me:  Four Steps to Authenticity and Charisma.  In this podcast I discuss open content — the rhetorical rules for an open communication.  In looking at these essential conditions for successful communication, I discuss why the debt limit talks are failing as currently undertaken.  The […]

PowerPoint, Speaking or Sex?

A recent Zogby poll commissioned by Sliderocket, a PowerPoint rival, found that “respondents would rather do the following miserable activities than sit through a PowerPoint presentation: o    24 percent would forego sex tonight o    21 percent would rather do their taxeso    20 percent would rather go to the dentisto    18 percent would rather work on […]

Michael Chiklis, the Boston Pops and the 4th of July – the Hazards of Live TV

I love long summer nights, fireworks, and up tempo music.   So the Boston Pops 4th of July fireworks and patriotic music spectacular is made for me – and the roughly 800,000 other people who thronged the Charles River Esplanade last night.  Some years I’ve attended in person; this year I watched it on TV.  Michael […]