Here’s how to do it: a great speech with no PowerPoint

I’ve been blogging recently about the abuse and misuse of PowerPoint and other slide software.  Today I’m sharing an example of a great business speech that succeeds without using PowerPoint at all.  It’s Simon Sinek’s TED talk, and it’s worthy of study.   Simon’s talk is about “How great leaders inspire action,” and it succeeds in […]

Power Point’s dirty little secret

I’ve blogged often about the abuse of Power Point and other slide software programs – using them as speaker notes, and making them more about words than images.  And of course, the over-use and over-dependence on software instead of just connecting with your audience, person to person. But there’s a further problem with the software, […]

5 Tips for Presenting Boring Technical Information – so It Isn’t Boring

People often ask me some variant of the following question:  OK, so I get the idea that presentations should be interesting, and speakers should be passionate.  But I’m an accountant (or engineer, scientist, nuclear physicist, doctor, etc) and what I have to present is highly technical and data-heavy.  How can I possibly make that interesting? […]

Are you worth $40K an hour?

Are you worth $40,000 an hour?  How can you be worth $40K per hour?  That’s the question people often ask of the top public speakers, the keynoters, the ones who have written bestsellers and whose names you probably know.  In fact, celebrity speakers, like former presidents and prime ministers, make considerably more — $100, 000 […]